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Lack of automation of OTC trade processing.

Large volumes of routine and time- consuming tasks, such as manual data gathering, analysis and data entry contribute to inefficiency and increased operational costs and risks.

Inefficient and fragmented workflows.

Manual processes, broken workflows and various
platforms, create chaos, less effective work and inefficient collaboration between various teams

Highly manual processes
prone to human error

More automation, means less manual
processing, less human error, lower costs and more accuracy

Ineffective and broken communication

Lack of automation and single platform, creates
substantial risks for communication between teams and internal and external counterparties

Inefficient and costly legacy systems

Different systems, broken communications and no single system of truth, contribute to human errors, difficulty of maintaining several systems, inefficiencies between teams and increased costs of oversight

Increased compliance & regulatory costs

Automate manual processes and let teams to
refocus on more strategic work, less costs and improved regulatory compliance

Our Solutions

AI powered platform to make your life easier

Docstream utilizes“NLP” to analyse & extract any terms and data points from any legal documentation. The platform can recognize contextually even if terms are worded differently.

Full scale plugins & flexible APIs:

Our APIs are configured to support plugins to industry common system with non-invasive automation solutions across applications & legacy systems.

Powerful Search Capabilities

Search documents for presence or absence of various key data points, provisions, text, preambles or terms. Save results for quick access when needed

Increased customer satisfaction

We can help insurers to focus on providing excellent customer experience for clients. Ditch manual tasks and focus instead on improving the quality of claims management process & reduce the turnaround timelines for claims payouts.

Regulatory Compliance

DocsStream can help to remain in compliance with regulatory requirements & upcoming regulatory changes such as IBOR and QFC.

Statistics & Reporting

Real time dashboard and periodic reporting capabilities. AI enabled analytics tool, that will help to assess completion rates and analyze

Fast Facts

Claims Intake process automation

• Loss Run Report Processing
• Evidence of Insurability (EOI)
• Statement of Value Analysis

System can parse & extract key data points from

• Emails
• PDF’s
• Excel & word documents

Claims Intake process automation

• First Notice of Loss (FNOL)
• Claims Appeals
• Reward calculation & payment
• Not in Good Order claim
identification process (NIGO)
• Claims subrogation & Recovery
• Property Loss Notices
• Claim Fraud Investigation
• TPA claim filing

Speedup documentation gathering & data analysis

• DocsStream can scan emails &
receive incoming claim
documentation and forms.
• Sort documents according to type.
• Extract key data points such as
incident data, policy data etc
• Set up the claim in internal systems.
• Cross-reference claim or policy
related data against internal systems.

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