Stream Managnent

Stream Dashboard

Visualize your project with an instant snapshot and get deeper insights into your documents, tasks and activity with Stream Dashboards.


Activity tab contains all the activity within the stream: new documents, changes, taks etc.

Task Management


Create task templates for repetitive tasks and workstream processes which can be instantly reused.

Import files

Import tasks functionality allows users to perform bulk upload of tasks from Excel spreadsheets or other external sources.

Kanban Boards

Here you can see all your To Do’s, in Progress or Done tasks in a board view

Grouping View

Here you can view all your tasks grouped into different categories/groupes.

Calendar View

Here you can see all your tasks in a calendar, where you can switch between monthly, weekly and daily view on your tasks.

Multi-User Assigning

You can assign multiple users to the same task


You can comment on tasks and keep track of the details in Comments tab.

Task Duration

Set due dates and task durations necessary to complete a task.

Task Priorities

You can set task priorities (High, Medium, Low) and create summaries by filtering on them.

Task Alerts

You can set due dates and calendar reminders to let your teammates know about upcoming deadlines.

Attach Files

You can attached files and documents to tasks using task attachment icon

Documents Management

Import & Export

DocsStream can process files in any format, including scans of third party documents. Import files and the whole archives from your network or use DocsStream API to import the whole existing repository STP for future contracts on an ongoing basis.

Filtering & Search

You can filter specific types of data points found in the document (Clause, Financial Data) and find required information in seconds.

Document Versions

Keep track of all previous documents version in one single Document view in the platform.

Document Setting

Obtain bird eye view on your documents including size, document type, format, language, countries used and approval workflow in Documents settings tab.

Document Viewer

Layout Options

Document Viewer comes with a powerful built-in toolbar to execute important actions such as page navigation, text search, view mode, downloading, printing, bookmarking, and thumbnails.

Thumbnail Navigation

Thumbnails are miniature representations of actual pages in PDF files. This feature displays thumbnails of the pages and allows navigation.

Bookmark Navigation

Bookmarks saved in PDF files are loaded and made ready for easy navigation.


Keep track of document approval workflow. Assign and remove approvers and change review status using Approvers tab.

Audit Trail

All activity and audit trail related to the documents including status updates, clause comments, review changes and due dates found in Audit trail.


Summary information about the document at one glance including size, document type, format, language, countries used.


Visualize all data points and contract terms within a document in a modern and user friendly document viewer. Filter out by clauses and data points type in Annotation tab.


Enable review process and team collaboration by adding commentaries to different documents sections.

Reporting Tool

Documents Report

Report on all document related information found within the platform including document owner, approvers, document type, tags, review status and much more.

Tasks Report

Aggregate and report all task information found within the platform including task assignee(s), status, due dates, overdue statues and obtains summary reports and breakdown by team and streams.

Data Points Reporting

Report any clauses and financial information extracted from the documents. All DocsStream metadata can be exported to PDF, Excel or to other systems using DocsStream API.

Report Sharing

You can share reports with other users by providing them a report permalink.

Create Templates

You can create templates with predefined report configuration that can be reused for dynamic reporting.

Data Points Managment


DocsStream quickly manages new provisions and clauses with a few examples enabled by powerful machine learning algorithms.

Financial Data

DocsStream is ready to use out-of-box financial data points and can be highly customized with new data. Smart and powerful machine learning engine allows you to quickly extract the required financial information.

Team Collaboration

Activity Stream

All events within the stream at one glance including upload of new documents, new tasks, comments etc.

Real-Time Discussions

Real-time team collaboration with other stream member


Real-time notifications in the system as well as email notifications are automatically sent to relevant users

User Permissions

With integrated user permissioning model the administrator can configure appropriate access segregations within the system.

Smart search

Smart Search

Perform contextual search in the platform in seconds.

Search By Value In a Document

Builtin powerful search engine allows to find all entities, documents, tasks, users containing your input context in an efficient and detailed manner.