Stream Management

Organize your team by creating a stream for them

You can create Streams, which will act as document repositories. You can create individual Streams, where you will be able to store documents relating to one particular project or a team.
How to create stream
Stream dashboard

Keep an eye on your team’s results

Visualize your project with an instant snapshot and get deeper insights into your documents, tasks and activity with Stream Dashboards.

Activity Stream

Activity tab contains all the activity within the stream: new documents changed or uploaded, user commentaries, task assignments and related task activity.

This tab provides a full and detailed audit trail of events that happen in the stream.

Stream Activity
Stream Tasks View

Eliminate confusion and handle tasks one by one

When it comes to task management, each project task can have a priority status - critical, high, normal, or low. This allows you to prioritize your work efficiently and lets you know exactly what you should be working on during a work
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